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What is STICK curling? What is STICK bowling?

 Before we can explore the definition of these two sports, we must first review their history.

In the late 90's, our founder Rusty Drew, was presented with a challenge.  His wife, who had a life long passion for curling, was unable to curl any longer because the traditional curling delivery technique was proving to be too physically demanding.  Rusty soon realized that this was a common issue amongst curlers as they aged, so the Inventor went to work!
The very first prototype was fashioned from a wooden broom handle and a tin can!  A short while later he had a marketable product and within 4 years he had sold over 11,000 "ExtendeR's".  The ExtendeR was now extending the playing careers of able-bodied curlers and introducing this great sport to wheelchair athletes.  In just a few years, Rusty was responsible for revolutionizing one of the world's oldest team sports!
Today, stick curling has gained acceptance around the world & in 2006 become a medal event at the Paralympic's.  Over the last 15 years, many medaling teams have used the The ExtendeR including the 2018 Gold Medalists: Team China.
Rusty didn't stop at curling, he later developed a device that could extend the careers of 5-pin bowlers.  This device is approved by the Canadian 5-Pin Bowling Association and is distributed throughout North America. 
Now, what is stick curling and how can I play?  It's easy!  All you require is a stick and a pair of curling shoes, the curling club will provide the ice & rocks.  Check with your local Curling Club or Bowling Alley and ask if they have a "stick" league.
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Check out what people are saying about us!
Curling is fun again since I started using the ExtendeR. I have arthritis in the knees and hip and going down was easy but getting up was agony when throwing a rock. I strongly endorse and recommend the ExtendeR to anyone who has knee or other discomfort which takes away the joy of curling.
All I can say is that the curling stick can really prolong your curling life and that more people that have joint problems or balance problems should readily accept this great device and have more fun on the ice.
The design of your ExtendeR is such that the handle is almost at the center of gravity of the curling stone.  This means, as the ExtendeR handle is rotated the turn is applied through the center of the stone, which is exactly what the CCA High Performance Centre instructs curlers to do.