The ExtendeR Family of Products

The ExtendeR Head

The product that started it ALL!  

The ExtendeR head was designed & is manufactured in Canada.  It is constructed from a well balanced polymer resin that has high strength properties, even at low temperatures.  It fits the handle of most curling stones allowing for well-controlled delivery & release whether the curler is standing or seated.

$37.50 ea

The ExtendeR Scope

Our best selling ExtendeR Scope is now available in 3 different lengths.  Each telescopic pole is crafted from light weight aluminum and features a dual-locking mechanism.  All 3 options include an ExtendeR Head & stick in your chosen length.

  1. The Original:     2.5'-4'  $67.50 ea

  2. The Special:       3'-6'     $77.50 ea

  3. The XL:                4'-8'     $90.00 ea

The ExtendeR Advantage

This ultra lightweight, non-telescoping stick is manufactured from anodized aluminum which improves corrosion and wear resistance while providing a high tensile strength.  The Advantage weighs less than 1/2 pound or 236 grams.  It has a standard playing length of 51" but the length can be customized to a shorter length upon request.  Available in BLUE or RED.

$95.00 ea

The ExtendeR Bowling "Q"

This uniquely designed product conforms to all 5-pin bowling balls and is C5PBA approved!  It can be purchased alone or with any sized telescopic ExtendeR scope.

  1. ExtendeR Bowling Head:        $40.00

  2. ExtendeR Bowling "Q":   2'-4'   $67.50                                                                                               3'-6'    $77.50                                                                                               4'-8'    $90.00

The ExtendeR Product Warranty

The entire ExtendeR product line is warranted for one (1) year from the date of purchase against any manufacturers defect.  Any evidence of misuse will void this warranty.  All claims must be accompanied with the original sales receipt and photo of the damaged product.  Shipping and tax are extra. 


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